Offshore Software Development in 2022 and Its Scope in UK

A New Year has begun and, as everyone says, every New Year brings new hope and opportunities. The offshore software development market is also anticipating huge growth, especially in the UK and other European countries. We might witness drastic changes in offshore IT development preferences and practices. The reason why we consider Europe as a potential software market for offshore is the shortage of local software developers. It is hard to find the best offshore developers in UK, which is again the most popular arena for software development. The digital transformation and automation following the recent pandemic have accelerated the demand for software solutions. 

Hiring Remains an Expensive Process

The latest coronavirus variant, Omicron, is spreading fast across the world and the chances of another lockdown worldwide cannot be neglected. In a country like the UK, hiring a team for software development is not feasible, especially while facing a dearth of skilled software developers. In Europe, about 53% of companies reported difficulty in hiring adept software professionals. It has been reported that in the year 2021, the most in-demand careers and jobs in Europe, IT specialists topped the list. Therefore, software outsourcing organizations around the globe have a substantial chance of growing business opportunities as there is still a scarcity of software outsourcing companies in UK. 

When it comes to the cost of hiring an in-house team of software specialists in the UK, the cost must be higher when compared to other countries. The long process of interviewing, shortlisting, and providing the required tools and software, along with other employee benefits, can turn out to be a burden for employers. As already mentioned, there are not many skilled IT professionals in the UK, and hiring someone who is phenomenal at developing and coding will lead to hefty payment as well. Therefore, outsourcing a company from any other part of the world would be cost-effective. Due to the absence of a precise distinction between work-from-home and in-house working, hiring a professionally qualified and skilled team from abroad will be more beneficial to UK companies. 

Shared Responsibilities: The New Normal

Due to the lack of the best software developers in UK, the country will rely on more offshore software organizations this year. They also prefer offshore software development companies because of their sheer focus, cost-effectiveness, and the practice of sharing responsibilities. Offshoring companies focus on end-results that will bring expected revenue to the companies. The project once taken, becomes their responsibility for delivering higher quality work. In an offshore software development company, the workforce strives to achieve great results within the set deadlines. They work together and carry out each specific task like a team. This sharing of responsibilities helps in completing the project at a faster pace and mitigating risks. 

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By Notetech - Content Writer

Published : June 14, 2021